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Current Version - 1.3.1

What's New


Responsive Component Library

Components have default custom stylings along with refined animations and transitions to provide a smoother experience, saving time for basic customization and helping in creating quick prototypes.

Speed up Development

A responsive and ready to use component library to start with. Reducing the amount of decisions that developers need to make when writing code, helping them to focus on logic rather than on semantics and formatting.

Detailed User Manual

Propeller’s component library contains detailed documentation as well as specific code examples to help new users get started. We are also open to feedback and can answer specific questions you may have about Propeller.

How can you start

Download Individual Component

Propeller provides Individual Components with complete information about how to use them.

Download Entire Kit

Complete collection of Propeller UI Components to download and use.


Carefully created themes to make sure they meet high-quality design and functionality standards. Initial set of themes launched are apt for creating quick marketing pages for startups and agencies.

Browse Themes

Built with Propeller

Many amazing websites and web-based products are already being built using Propeller (previously known as D’Material). Have a look at few recent ones.


Near Term

Bootstrap 4 upgrade, new Propeller Themes and Bootstrap Starter templates

Mid Term

React Components and new Propeller Themes

Long Term

Addition of new components, Component library enhancement and new Propeller Themes

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