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Propeller is a front-end responsive framework based on Google’s Material Design Standards & Bootstrap. Created at DIGICORP, Propeller is a first step towards giving it back to the community.

We, at Digicorp, develop our own products from ground up and spin off the most promising ones as separate companies. We go through all the pains and euphoria our clients (startup founders) experience. It makes us stronger and better in our craft of making usable software products for startups.

Why we created Propeller?

Propeller is designed and crafted by the creative minds at Digicorp. There were certain prominent obstacles faced by both, the designers and developers. The obstacles were mostly related to re-usability, maintaining code standards and, quick turnaround. And we thought that working a solution around these obstacles would help us maintain the quality of products we built and also ship them faster.

This is when we started building D’Material – a library of HTML based components. We kept on adding components to the library and improvising on the ones already created. We reused the components that we had used in products built for ourselves and our clients. It was a conscious effort towards reusing the stuff we build.

We selected Material Design as a design language, we were confident about the design principles it was based on. Bootstrap being a stable and very popular framework in design and developer community was again a clear choice to make.

In about 1 year of time, we had built a library with 19 components and one admin template that was used as a backend theme for few of our products. We as design team were using this day in and day out and were confident enough about its usability(it actually saved a lot of our time and made us deliver the HTML mockups faster than ever. We also noticed that code was not resourced dependent but followed a general standard defined in the library).

Well, while we were happy building and using the library, it took us time to get our in-house development team uses the library. They probably were uncomfortable to switch to a library that was not globally tested(in comparison to the ones they were currently using).

But well, we the creators of the library were confident about its usability and so were the founders at Digicorp (thanks to them for all the trust and support). Abhishek Desai, one of the Founders at Digicorp, came up with the name Propeller. The name very well reflected the analogy – “Propel – push something forward“.

We launched Propeller on Wed, Oct 26, 2016. The philosophy remains the same, to put our component library together and evolve it.

Propeller is an Open source library, and we are hoping contribution from the community. Your support would help us propel the development.☺

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