Propeller Angular

A Material Design based Front-End UI Framework built with Angular 9, Bootstrap 4 and SASS

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Current Version – V1.0.0

About Propeller Angular

Create elegant Web Applications and Websites faster with the latest Angular 9 and Bootstrap 4 based UI Components with Google Material Design Standards.

Propeller Angular Framework includes a huge collection of reusable and well-tested responsive components, extensive documentation with many working examples and code. It allows the use of same Bootstrap 4 HTML markup for ease of familiarity.

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Build beautiful Web Applications and Websites faster with consistent code quality through out.

NativeAngular 9

Components developed using Native Angular 9 for faster, less bulky, and clean code.


Based on Bootstrap 4

UI Components based on the Bootstrap 4 Framework that makes it perfectly responsive for all devices.

Based onTypescript

Built with TypeScript that is quite fast and has excellent tooling support with IntelliSense.

Support with Angular CLI

Integrated command-line interface tool to initialize, develop, test, and deploy Web Applications.

Sass Icon

Theming with SCSS

We provide an extensible theming architecture to make the template easily adapt to your brand colors and styles.

Responsive Components Icon

ResponsiveUI Components

The library consists of wide range of mobile responsive components with multiple variations to choose from.

Ready to Use UI

Ready to useUI Sections

Multiple variations of sections like header, footer, introduction, and contact us.

Extensive Documentation

DetailedUser Guide

Easy to understand guide with code samples and examples.

Hands Support

Hands onSupport

Support request answered within 48 hours via email.

Admin Theme Icon

Angular AdminTheme

Angular Admin Theme apt for web apps and beautiful back-end solutions of any size.

One Pager Website Theme

Angular StarterTemplate

Angular & Bootstrap 4 based responsive HTML Template that provides a kick start to projects using Propeller Angular

Advanced Components

Some of the popular third-party plugins used as a base to further build visually rich light weight and easy to use components.

Range Slider

Propeller has used the popular Angular2 noUislider component as base & customized it by applying Material Design principles using Bootstrap 4 to it.

noUiSlider is a lightweight JavaScript range slider library with full multi-touch support. It fits wonderfully in responsive designs and has no dependencies.

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Propeller Angular Date Picker is built by customizing the popular ngx-bootstrap Datepicker component and applying Material Design principles and Bootstrap 4 structure to it.

Datepicker component allows user to select a date from a calendar and time from a visual analog clock; it also accepts values via direct input.

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Form Field

An HTML form is formed by using different form controls to collect inputs from a user.

Propeller Angular provides different Angular based form controls like Inline and Filled Text Field, Text Area, Checkbox, Radio Button, Toggle Switch, Select etc with Bootstrap 4 HTML Structure and Material Design standards.

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Form Control


Sidebar is a UI element that displays important information or links on either side of the window. It is mostly used as a navigation menu that allows visitors to quickly navigate from one page to another on your website or web application.

Propeller Angular Sidebar is formed by combining the Angular and Bootstrap 4 based Navbar and Collapse component and applying Material Design principles to it.

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  • For usage upto 5 Projects.
  • Support within upto 48 hours of initial request time.
  • Free updates for upto 1 year.


  • For usage upto 10 Projects.
  • Support within upto 48 hours of initial request time.
  • Free updates for upto 1 year.


  • For unlimited Project usage.
  • Support within upto 48 hours of initial request time.
  • Free updates for upto 1 year.

Do you have any custom requirements for building new components or styling them as per your UI needs?

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