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Bootstrap 4 Starter Templates

Bootstrap Starter Templates

Bootstrap 4 Starter Templates by Propeller with Material Design UI

About theme

Bootstrap 4 Starter Templates by Propeller are a collection of fully-featured responsive templates themed using Google’s Material Design Standards. They work nicely as a base layout on which you can build your custom website.

The templates don’t have a lot of extra custom CSS and are built using components of Propeller Pro (a framework based on Bootstrap 4 and Google’s Material Design Standards). They can also work as great learning examples if you are just getting started with Propeller Pro and Bootstrap 4.

The collection consists of templates like Pricing, Login, Blog, Checkout, Marketing Page, Product Landing Page, etc. which can be used in different ways.

These templates will definitely save you a lot of hours of extra work and are all waiting for you to add your personal content and style.


Album Template

Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Album Template

Offcanvas Template

Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Offcanvas Template

Carousel Template

Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Carousel Template

Checkout Template

Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Checkout Template

Personal Blog / Magazine Landing Page Template

Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Personal Blog / Magazine Landing Page Template

Jumbotron Template

Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Jumbotron Template

Pricing Template

Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Pricing Template

Login Page Template

Propeller - Bootstrap Starter Templates - Login Template

Navbar Templates

Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Navbar Bottom Template
Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Different Navbars Template
Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Navbar Fixed Template

Basic Starter Template

Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Basic Template

Sticky Footer Templates

Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Sticky Footer Template
Bootstrap4 Starter Templates - Sticky Footer with Fixed Navbar Template


Bootstrap 4 Starter Templates has a real world features that give you power to build something great. We’ve highlighted some of our features below!

Feature List

  • Unique and Responsive Example Templates
  • Get Started Templates
  • Built with Propeller Pro framework
  • Uses Bootstrap 4
  • Google’s Material Design Standards
  • Highly minify JS and CSS for better performance
  • Cover Page Template
  • Login Template
  • Carousel Template
  • Jumbotron Template
  • Offcanvas Template
  • Album Template
  • Checkout Template
  • Personal Blog / Magazine Landing Page Template
  • Pricing Page Template
  • Navbar Templates
  • Sticky Footer Templates
  • Valid HTML5/CSS3
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Easy to Customize
  • Clean and Well Commented Code
  • Incredible Support

Extend the theme

You can extend and further customize the theme by using the components of Propeller Pro.

Propeller Pro is a Bootstrap 4 and Google Material Design based front-end framework. It comes with both, compiled and ready to use components with their individual CSS and JS files. That allows you to create your own custom library including only elements which you really use in your project.


Source & Credits

For the many images and video on our website we would like to thank and credit the following contributors.

Image Credits

Note: Images are only for demo purpose and not included into final packages.

Third party Library Credit

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Theme Attributes

Type Starter Templates
Version 1.0.0
Propeller Compatible with Propeller Pro v1.2.0
Bootstrap Compatible with 4.1.x
Layout Responsive
Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari
Files Included HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files
Categories Bootstrap Starter Templates
Technology Used Propeller Pro, Google Material Design, Bootstrap
Released 6th February 2019

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